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    How to load cache from an existing table for a remote server with HotRod client?

    Tom Li Newbie

      Hi forum,


      let's say I have an existing table "User" like this:


      create table USER (

          USER_NAME varchar(255),

          FIRST_NAME varchar(255),

          LAST_NAME varchar(255)



      and I want to have a HotRod client to use the cache with something like this:


      RemoteCache<String, User> cache = remoteCacheManager.getCache();


      where User is something like:


      public class User implements Serializable {

          private String username;

          private String firstName;

          private String lastName;



      It's OK for the cache not to write cache data back to the table, all I want is loading the user data to cache.

      Use JPA Cache Store seems not possible with remote server; https://developer.jboss.org/thread/243481

      and I can only find document for JPA Cache Store with embedded server in Infinispan User Guide


      I want to be able to deploy something like a custom cache store to the remote server, so that I don't need to repeat the user loading logic in the clients.

      Is it possible, and how?


      Thank you in advance