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    How to make an existing webapp SAML-enabled for Salesforce.com?

    Y Lee Newbie



      I would like to have pointers to where to look and where/how to start on what we are trying to achieve (below).  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


      We have a web app (running on Jboss).  It has its own login and have a number of JSP pages.   We would like to integrate with Salesforce so that


      1. Users who are logged on can be directly access the web app's JSP pages.    I think this is where the web app becomes a SP to the Salesforce users.

      2. Users who are directly logged on to our web app, can still access the pages as before (but not to salesforce).


      I went thru the quickstart and read the getstarted, but not sure where to start.  My questions is


      1. do I have to break the web app into two app, one for the login and the other for serving JSP pages?

      2. do I have to setup the login app into an IDP?  if so, what are the steps to make an existing login application into an IDP?


      Any suggestions and pointers would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.