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    how to call oracle function with Hibernate JPA from JBoss se

    wang yufeng Newbie

      Is it possible to call oracle function other than procedure with Hibernate JPA? How?

      I'm developing a web app with JBoss seam + Hibernate JPA, and I'd like to call an oracle function with JPA 's entityManager.createNativeQuery API。 But I failed.
      The code has follows:
      //===Java code with JPA
      entityManager.createNativeQuery("{call get_filelist(?)}")
      .setParameter(1, dirName)

      The oracle function is defined as follows:
      //===Oracle function def

      CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_filelist (p_path IN VARCHAR2)
      NAME 'FileList.RunThis(java.lang.String) return String';

      The error code is as follows:

      PLS-00221: 'GET_FILELIST' is not a procedure or is undefined .

      In fact, I can see the get_filelist with sqlplus when typing 'desc get_filelist'.

      Thanks for your suggestion.