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    Wildfly 10.0.0 monitor open web connections (Undertow worker web Thread Count)

    Michelangelo Dungstenberger Newbie

      Hello together,


      throughout  JBoss 5.1 GA until Wildfly 8.2.1 i was able to monitor Web threads either via twiddle or JMX.

      However while trying to do this in the newest Wildfly Version i fail doing so......therefore i hope that you guys can help me out.



      What i want do do:

      I want to monitor the in use connections for a specific web worker. I need to know how many of the web threads are busy because this is an indicator for me when our application is about to "crash".


      What i used to do in Wildfly 8:

      - Enabled remote JMX connection

      - checked the connection count via the MBeans with an JMX-Client (Object: org.xnio:type=Xnio,provider="nio",worker="default",address="......" )

      - periodically read Attribute "ConnectionCount"


      What is happening in Wildfly 10:

      - i do use the same procedure as with 8.2.1

      - The object remains the same and is present

      - However the value of it does not change and is always "-1", no matter how much traffic i do generate


      What ive already tried:

      - browsed through the undertow documentation

      - browsed through the Wildfly documentation

      - tried to find the information within the CLI


      However none of the above mentioned steps resulted in a success.

      Does anybody know how to obtain the desired statistic?

      Does this specific statistic need to be activated somehow? (the -1 value seems strange to me)

      I would be really glad for any hints as im totally out of ideas....


      I am not looking for the active session attribute. I found this somewhere in the MBeans for the specific deployments.

      It just shows the established Sessions which are kept within Wildfly. It does not represent the threads count.

      Thanks and Best regards