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    suggestion for Wildfly training

    Helen Chen Novice



      I'm new to JBoss. I have been playing with Wildfly 9 for more than a month. Since I'm doing migration from old JBoss 4.2.2 GA to Wildfly, a lot of concepts (or terms) in JBoss have changed. As of now, I have set up module for common libraries, deployed some apps. But for Wildfly I feel I don't  understand some subsystems. So when I see some exceptions from log that seems related to JBoss, I'm not sure if it is related to how our code is written to use JBoss, or it is mainly JBoss.  I don't know much what to do and it usually takes me a few days to play around.


      I'm interested in taking some admin training which hopefully can help me for Wildfly migration. I only saw the training JB248 from website. I have experience using Weblogic and Websphere app server.


      Can anyone suggest me which training class will be helpful to me?  I hope to also get some advanced training for JBoss, not just basic installation  and basic configuration.


      Thanks a lot,