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    Wildfly number of client connections JAX-RS/Resteasy

    Pavel Pscheidl Newbie

      I am running WildFly 10 (Final release) and I have a very simple JAX-RS server application. It has only one test endpoint, which waits for one second and then returns HTTP OK status.


      public class TestEndpoint {

      public Response get() {
      try {
      } catch (InterruptedException e) {
      return Response.ok().build();

      Trouble is that with this setup, I am only able to reach 10 requests per second. No more.I am testing this with SoapUI LoadTest - 100 threads, 1 ms delay between requests.

      I bought a book called WildFly Administration Guide and tried some undertow settings:

      • Stack size (500)
      • Trying to set core-max-threads actually results in "failure-description" => "WFLYCTL0201: Unknown attribute 'task-core-threads'
      • IO Threads (500)

      Nothing helped.

      Is this WildFly related problem, or something else?