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    Versioning - support to change major version number

    Sipos Roland Newbie

      When I check in a new version of a node, Modeshape assigns a version number to it automatically, with format majorNumber.minorNumber.
      My problem is, with each new version, Modeshape increases the minor version number, and leaves the major version unchanged, which always stays at 1.

      I would like to be able to change the major version number, but I can't find a way to do this.
      More specifically, I would like to tell Modeshape whether the major number, or the minor number should be inremented with each new version.


      Is there a way to do that? Am I missing something?
      If not, are there any plans to add support for low level version number handling in the future?


      I'm pretty sure i'm missing something here, it's hard to imagine that Modeshape supports versioning, but doesn't let me create meaningful version numbers, which would include the ability to change major version as well.