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    Renaming remoting endpoint

    Jacob Mathews Newbie



      Is there a way to configure the name for the remoting endpoint used in Wildfly (I'm using 8.2.1 Final). Currently the name is "Remoting \"endpoint\"". This makes it impossible to access the corresponding node in jboss-cli.


      [standalone@ worker] pwd


      [standalone@ worker] ls

      Remoting "endpoint"  default              remoting            

      [standalone@ worker] cd 'Remoting "endpoint"'

      The command accepts 1 unnamed argument(s) but received: ['Remoting, "endpoint"']

      [standalone@ worker] cd "Remoting \"endpoint\""

      The closing '"' is missing.


      Also, the remoting threads used by EJB layer and JMX layer are all named with the prefix "Remoting "endpoint" *" making it rather hard to debug issues with the either the EJB or JMX layers.




      Jacob Mathews