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    Change of date/time on nodes. How Infinispan/JGroups is affected?

    tomas11 Novice

      Hi all


      I would like to ask how robust Infinispan/JGroups is to changes of date/time on one of its nodes.



      1. Let's have 3 nodes forming cluster

      2. On one of this nodes change date - e.g. set date to 2 days earlier


      Can Infinispan/JGroups handle that kind of change?


      I am asking because according to following JGroups is not good with changing of time JGroups / Mailing Lists

      Maybe my follow up question would be about JGroups specifically. How JGroups can handle setting of new date/time? E.g. when NTP server is configured to synchronize time in cluster.


      How do you suggest to resolve case when there is need to change date/time on nodes which are forming cluster in Infinispan/JGroups?


      Thanks for feedback