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    Errai 3.2 and Cordova. Problem with errai-tutorial code when generating and testing generated cordova code


      Hello there,


      I am using the errai-tutorial code from GitHub - errai/errai-tutorial: Errai tutorial project. No additional code. Just clone, install maven dependency and build using bellow instruction as per the github readme.


      mvn clean package -Pmobile,jboss7 -Dplatform=android


      And get this error.


          Execution failed for task ':processDebugResources'.

          > Error: A library uses the same package as this project: io.cordova.hellocordova

          You can temporarily disable this error with android.enforceUniquePackageName=false

          However, this is temporary and will be enforced in 1.0


      So I open up the generated source in android studio and rename package declaration in AndroidManifest.xml for CordovaLib. The package was changed from io.cordova.hellocordova to io.cordova.hellocordovalib


      With this I can build the Android Studio project and run it in emulator.


      But it open up the App with background picture without any of the UI element. Let say if I run errai-tutorial (using Eclipse) in browser, I will see an escalator picture as the background with UI elements such as Title plus all those forms textbox and submit button. Running it in Android emulator (using Android Studio) will run the app. But I just see the escalator background picture and nothing else.


      In Android Studio, a lot of error like this:


          03-23 00:27:03.978 2184-2239/io.cordova.hellocordova E/AndroidProtocolHandler: Unable to open asset URL:



      I really need advise. Perhaps there is additional instruction that I did not perform? Or maybe renaming the package in manifest XML file is not enough, but I need to change other files too?