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    jBPM custom fields

    Tomasz Sapiński Newbie



      I want to create custom application which use jBPM as a workflow engine. I already created app which via REST communicates with jBPM by JavaScript API, this API allows me also to embed form in my app. It is great as long as I not need more complex forms. According to https://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v6.0/userguide/chap-formmodeler.html#sect-formmodeler-fieldTypes I am able to create custom field type, I already created such custom field type which I can use in form but I could not find any information how to add javascript for definition of this field.

      Lets assume that I want to add custom field which should have autocompletion, I must to add some javascript and also some external js libs, how to do that ? It is possible ? I did not find also any information how to style embeded form, I know that for each field I can define css class but how to include my custom css file for generated iframe?