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    Rerender on a birt report is losing page parameters values

    Busssard Buss Newbie

      I have a jsf 2.0 xtml page with a seam birt  tag  to render a report . Everything works on the first call, but when I'm trying to rerender the report the page and EL parameters are missing .

      This is my page fragment:


      <h:commandButton value="Test" onclick="alert('Test Button ');">
        <a:ajax event="click" render="grf1"  />
      <h:panelGroup id="grf1" layout="block">
        <b:birt designType="embed"
        <b:param name="constantParam" value="true" />
        <b:param name="ELParam" value="#{'true'}" />
        <b:param name="pageParam" value="#{myPageParam}" />


      I created a script to log the parmeters values in report:


      java.lang.System.out.println("constantParam :"+params["constantParam"].value);
      java.lang.System.out.println("ELParam :"+params["ELParam"].value);
      java.lang.System.out.println("pageParam :"+params["pageParam"].value);


      And this is the output at normal call:


      constantParam :true
      ELParam :true
      pageParam :15


      And this is the output at rerender call:

      constantParam :true
      ELParam :
      pageParam :


      What is the right way to rerender a birt report with parameters?