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    Domain Configuration - Losing Primary Datasource and Wildfly

    Brett Hanekom Newbie

      I have a 3 node Cluster which is running in domain mode. The Primary node being the Host controller. The system is running in a vSphere environment so has HA protection and machines will automatically restart when power is returned to a host. The problem is that the Primary Database and WIldfly are on a single host (and need to remain there) so losing the Host loses the Primary Datasource and Wildfly. The Secondary/Tertiary Wildlfy Move seamlessly to the secondary Datatsource after a configured connectTimeout. When the primary datasource and wildfly reconnect they choose the primary datasource in the list (this is a multimaster so primary/secondary and tertiary database are all write capable). The objective is to try and keep all wildfly servers talking to the same database (even though the are all write masters) to reduce any potential issues. Is there a method of getting the primary host to "see" which datasource is in use by the secondary/tertiary and use that as it's datasource instead of the first in the list