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    How to store session at remote infinispan

    Carlos Maciel Newbie

      I´m using:

      - Wildfly 8.2.1.Final

      - Infinispan Server 8.1.2.Final


      I have a remote infinispan server and it is working.


      I have the follow configuration in standalone.xml:


           <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:infinispan:2.0">

                  <cache-container name="web" default-cache="xpto" start="EAGER" module="org.wildfly.clustering.web.infinispan">

                      <local-cache name="xpto" batching="true">

                          <remote-store shared="true" preload="true" purge="false" cache="default" socket-timeout="60000" tcp-no-delay="true">

                              <remote-server outbound-socket-binding="infinispan-remote-server"/>

                              <write-behind />





      And about socket-binding:


              <outbound-socket-binding name="infinispan-remote-server">

                  <remote-destination host="" port="11222"/>



      But to run some webapp nothing is to sended to infinispan.


      Any idea?