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    Infinispan 7.2.5 not generating log files

    Sundeep Mamidi Newbie

      Hello Guys,


      I have upgraded Infinispan a few weeks ago, from 7.1.1 to 7.2.5. I just realized that log files aren't getting generated now, but they were generated at the time of startup. I have checked all the configurations and paths for loggers, everything looks alright. I'm not able to figure out what's the error. Is there any error on my side or any configurations missing from the installer package itself?



      1) Logger for CONSOLE in standalone.xml



                      <level name="INFO"/>


                          <handler name="CONSOLE"/>

                          <handler name="FILE"/>




      2) console.log path from standalone.sh

      if [ -z "$ISPN_SERVER_CONSOLE_LOG" ]; then




      3) server.log path from logging.properties




      This information might be helpful in figuring out the error. I modified the permission to 644, 755 and tried, even that didn't help. Group and user is set to infinispan.infnispan


      Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.