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    Configure datasource with HTTP management API

    Andrea Huber Newbie

      Hi there,


      I have successfully deployed a database driver via HTTP management API as described here: The HTTP management API - WildFly 9 - Project Documentation Editor.

      Now I want to configure a datasource (in my case a postgres database). But I have not found a way to do it through HTTP management API, only via admin console. The closest thing I found is how to check the connections in a pool in a blog, like so:

      curl --digest 'http://user:password@localhost:9990/management' --header "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"operation":"test-connection-in-pool","address":[{"subsystem":"datasources"},{"data-source":"ExampleDS"}]}'

      So I thought adding a datasource should also be possible.


      My questions:

      1. Is it possible to configure a datasource via HTTP management API (i.e. using curl)?

      2. If yes, where do I find documentation or examples?

      3. I would also very much like to know which types of "operation" are supported.

      4. How can I create a virtual host and assign it a web module via HTTP management API?

      Again, I can upload and enable my .war file with curl, just creating a virtual host and assigning it a default web module (in admin console, it would work like this:

      Configuration > Subsystems > Undertow > Http > click view  > select tab Http Server > Click add)

      does not seem to work.


      I would highly appreciate any hint!


      Thanks and best regards