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    Adding a custom java FileSystemProvider to an ear / ejb

    David Brodski Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to implement a custom FileSystemProvider (one that can handle the vfs URIs from wildfly).

      The problem is that I cannot get the provider registered as a java service, is there any example how to do that?

      I'm using wildfly 9 (tried with wildfly 10, too) and an ear which only has an ejb for a java message queue for hornet.


      I already looked and tried to use the suggestions in the jiras:

      [WFLY-3971] Jar Services in META-INF/services are not loaded from static modules - JBoss Issue Tracker

      [WFLY-4205] Undertow not detecting @HandlesTypes If the implentation class is inside EAR/lib - JBoss Issue Tracker

      I tried to have the service inside the ejb and as a separate java lib with the same result. The examples in the bugs always use war files and not ejbs.


      I'm new to the whole ear/ejb things and an example or a hint would be really great.

      If I use the same lib inside a standalone java executable the service registration works, just not if it is used in the wildfly server.

      I added an example project and the source code to show my code.