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    Maven archetype targeting wildfly 10.

    mauriclaudio Newbie

      I would like to experiment a little with maven + wildlfy (I'm a total newbie with Maven, just I'm moving my very first steps). I'm a bit puzzled because I can't find an archetype targeting latest version of wildfly.Maybe mine is a silly question... Should I use the same "wildfly-javaee7-webapp-ear-blank-archetype" that's available in Maven repository ? Looks like it targets Wildfly 8, but  I guess that it may work as well,  because Wildfly 8,9 an 10 are all full Java EE 7.0 profiles.

      On GItHub (GitHub - wildfly/wildfly-archetypes: WildFly maven archetypes & examples) there are some archetypes targeting wildfly 10, but I can't understand how I may use them.


      Can anyone put me in the right direction, please ?