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    Global(XA) transaction in Teiid Embedded

    Deepali Singh Newbie




      I am  working on teiid embedded and looking for XA transaction support. As going through teiid documentation I came to know its supports local request and global Transaction. But didn't get any proper direction.

      How we can enable XA transaction in embedded teiid. These are the following things I have already tried :


      1) I explicitly started transaction manager, But got error saying XA transaction is already running and we don't support nested exception. With this I am assuming teiid internally starts XA transaction manager.

      2) I removed explicitly starting XA transaction, and used 2 different insert statement one on MySQL db and other on PostgreSQL. MySQL statement executes successfully where as PostgreSQL throws exception. SO if XA transaction is already started in  this scenario both should roll back. MySQL statement is executed successfully.

      3) I even tried to make connection auto commit to false but this also didn't gave any solution.


      May I know how to configure  teiid embedded for global(XA) transaction.



      Thanks & Regards