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    EAP 6.4 Admin Console - Missing Messaging in the Subsystems drop down

    nicolas duminil Master



      I was very surprized to notice that the admin console of EAP 6.4 doesn't have any more a Messaging entry in Runtime->Subsystems. Accordingly, impossible to visualize or to handle, in a humand readable and understandble form, anything concerning the Messaging service.


      More generally, it would be interested to understand why the admin console of any JBoss release suffers of the same scarcity. Some of us still remember the one of the 5th version as well as the JMX console, absolutelly unsable by human beens. When one looks at admin consoles such that the WebSphere or WebLogic ones, the JBoss/EAP looks really pathetic.


      I know that jboss-cli handles everything concerning JMS destinations but I beleive that the admin console should do it as well, exactly as all the other admin consoles in the world.


      Kind regards,


      Nicolas DUMINIL