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    Maximizing logging in Drone/WebDriver using phantomjs

    Scott Stark Master

      I'm having a hard time finding information on how one would get the maximum logging enabled to see why a web page is being returned as empty using the latest 2.0.0.Final arquillian-drone-bom and 2.53.0 selenium-bom. How would one configure the logging to get the FINEST level of detail from the client side when using JUL as the logging framework?

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          Matous Jobanek Novice



          since Drone 2.0.0.CR1 there is a possibility to pass command-line arguments to both Ghost Driver and PhantomJS. For this purpose there are two parameters:


          phantomjs.cli.args                          for PhantomJS

          phantomjs.ghostdriver.cli.args       for Ghost Driver


          as a value of these parameters use your desired command-line arguments in the very same form and way as you would use it on command line (separated by white space). eg:


          <property name="phantomjs.cli.args">--load-images=false --webdriver-loglevel=DEBUG</property>


          According to this file phantomjs/config.cpp at master · ariya/phantomjs · GitHub, the finest level of PhantomJS' loggging should be DEBUG. So, in your case, there should be sufficient if you define this property in your arquillian.xml:


          <property name="phantomjs.cli.args">--webdriver-loglevel=DEBUG</property>