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    Hibernate Sequence issue after upgrading  from v4.3.10.Final to v5.0.7.Final

    Nick . Apprentice


            Facing some sequence related issue after upgrading hibernate v4.3.10 to 5.0.7, we have hbm + jpa annotation mixed relation mapping. When we save any entity which is mapped using hbm.xml, hibernate is not picking the sequence name declared in the hbm, rather its picking from id using hibernate_sequence the following is the id declaration in hbm.


      <id name="id" type="java.lang.Long">

         <column name="ID" />

         <generator class="native">

         <param name="sequence">SEQ_MASTER</param>




      But at the same time entities annotated with jpa are working fine.



      Is there anything changed in hibernate 5 which affects sequence generation were if sequence declared in hbm ?, Any help to solve this issue will be much appreciated.