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    Demand Size increases

    Paradiso Noir Newbie

      I have implemented a test case where I send batches of 300, 500, 600, 700, 900, and 2000 demands. I want to measure size of each demand, so I decided to check the size of jboss application server folder before and after sending demand, and by dividing the difference by number of demands find the size of each demand. I did this test case for both persistent and non-persistent demand migrations. As you see the results, you would notice that size of each demand remains quite fixed as number of demands increases. However, this does not apply to the persistent situation, where size of each demand increases as number of demands does.
      Our demand is nothing but just sending a request to compute something. There is no difference between these two modes, so that's what it rose following questions.

      Here are my questions:

      1- Is my method of measuring the size of each demand correct? It is for sure not accurate, but is there any other way to measure the demand inside the jboss demand storage?

      2- Why size of demand changes in persistent scenario ?

      3- Each persistent demand is roughly 20.41, whereas in non-persistent it's about 7.10. Is the difference because the overhead in terms of keeping additional information for the sake of being persistent ? Can you name some of those overheads or reasons?

      And finally, here are my result, so you can see the difference ;

      Non-Persistent (K.B) Persistent (K.B)
      300 7.10 18.33
      300 7.09 17.67
      300 7.09 19.00
      Average 7.09 18.33

      500 7.14 24.00
      500 7.07 26.00
      500 7.06 22.00
      Average 7.09 24.00

      600 7.06 26.67
      600 7.23 25.00
      600 7.11 24.17
      Average 7.13 25.28

      700 7.13 25.71
      700 7.12 24.29
      700 7.13 27.14
      Average 7.13 25.71

      900 7.33 26.11
      900 7.12 25.00
      900 7.11 26.67
      Average 7.19 25.93

      2000 7.12 26.00
      2000 7.13 27.00
      2000 7.14 32.50
      Average 7.13 28.50


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          Paradiso Noir Newbie

          In order to add more information about my question, I should add that our environment configuration is :

          Jboss Application Server (4.2.2.GA <http://4.2.2.GA> (build:SVNTag=JBoss_4_2_2_GA date=200710221140)

          JVM Version: 1.5.0_06-b05 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
          Using Jboss messaging and JMS with the Jboss built-in database.

          As I want to send a demand, I set the persistency like below in my code.

          But what our demand is just JMS object messages which is specific to our computing domain. You can consider it as a simple JMS object message. We do not use any sort of Hibernate, but we do use Serialization in some parts. I am using the built-in Hypersonic database in Jboss without any modification in the database level.

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            Clebert Suconic Master

            It's not clear how you measure your object.

            It's not clear also what are those numbers.

            Messages/sec... size of those objects? what are those?

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              Paradiso Noir Newbie

              Thanks for your feedback, I hope that I can clarify them better.

              It's not clear how you measure your object.

              Well, that was one of my main questions how I can that. During my investigations, I became interested in knowing how Jboss folder-mainly the built-in database- changes its size as I add number of demands. Therefore, I measured the size of our Jboss folder before and after of each test case. For example, after sending 300 JMS object messages from a demand generator, we saw that our Jboss folder 2129k.b change of size. Then by assuming equation (2129/300 = 7.10k.b), each demand could be 7.10k.b.
              I am not sure if this assumption can be correct or not as it is part of my question.

              Messages/sec... size of those objects? what are those?

              I explained the size of those objects, but for the number of messages, we have two nodes of generators and workers. Generators generates demands (JMS object messages) and workers process them and return their results. In this test case, our generator initiates and sends out 300 demands.

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                Clebert Suconic Master

                All of this looks something very specific to your program.

                We aways recommend to not use HSQLDB, and we don't provide support. If you want support on HSQLDB you should look at HSQL team.

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                  Paradiso Noir Newbie

                  So no matter if a message is persistent or none, it should have the same demand size. Right?

                  If I want to use a different database, do I need to setup tables or it is easy like the hypersonic one? because I didn't change that database.