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    Blank Page when Running a WebApp

    Jetain Singla Newbie

      I migrated one of my apps from Websphere to JBOSS EAP 6.4.2. It runs perfectly fine when I run it on local Windows machine but when i deploy the same EAR on unix box with domains, it gets deployed. when i try access the webapp via a URL, a blank page is shown and there are no logs generated on the server as well. I have checked the server port as well. it seems to be correct.Can anyone please help.

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          Rajkumar S Newbie

          You need to see what port offset you are using in your JVMs/servers. Eg: if it is +100 then it means you need to access webapp URL as http://localhost:8180/webapp


          Can you send screenshot of management console with server instances please? or send the server.log of respective log file?


          I guess may be you are using a wrong port # to access webapp.

          Go to $EAP_HOME/domain/servers/<server-name>/log/server.log

          Search for or localhost in server logs.

          You will get the port # from server logs.

          Try accessing webapp via that port #