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    JTS transaction log behavior for heuristic rollback on first participant

    Ondra Chaloupka Master



      I would like check with you if observed behavior is correct from Narayana functionality point of view. I have a transction where first participant throws heuristic rollback during at commit phase. This is simulation of scenario shown in jira https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBTM-2120. Scenario is following:


      1. enlist xa resource #1
      2. enlist xa resource #2
      3. preparation phase of xa resources #1 and #2
      4. commit xa resource #1 - XAException#XA_HEURRB is thrown, that means XAResource rollbacks on its own
      5. TM reacts and as first participant rollbacks for stay consistent it will rollback all subsequent resources
      6. rollback xa resource #2


      For JTA after transaction finishes, transaction log store is cleaned and is left empty (no recovery is run).

      For JTS there is left record of participant which ends with heuristics (no recovery is run). It means log store is not empty after transaction finishes.


      Is that correct that JTS does leaves that record in the object store? Is expected that recovery manager takes care of it? Or just by design of JTS such records needs to be left?


      Thank you for taking a look at this



      (added a EAP server.log attachments with this scenario)