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    Embedded SAR Deployments In WildFly 9

    jfisherdev Apprentice

      I am currently migrating some applications that embed one or more SAR files in an EAR file from JBoss AS 4.2.2 to WildFly 9.0.2. SAR deployments whether top-level or embedded do appear to be supported in WildFly 9 based on my experience so far.


      I do have two questions regarding embedded SAR deployments in WildFly 9:


      1. Are jboss-app.xml service module elements required for SAR deployment and what purpose do they serve in WildFly 9?


      These elements are valid per the most recent jboss-app.xml schema, though I am not sure what purpose they serve in WildFly 9.


      2. Where do embedded SARs fall in the deployment order of EAR sub-deployments and can SAR sub-deployments be considered in deployment order configuration?


      I know that the <module-order> element in the jboss-app.xml is no longer used and that the <initialize-in-order> element in the application.xml has effectively replaced this as of Java EE 6. I am not sure how this would work with SAR sub-deployments, since SAR sub-deployments do not conform to one of the standard Java EE module types as far as I know.


      Any information on this would be appreciated.