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    MarshallerGenerator exception appears randomly with 4 beta and superdevmode

    Christian Bauer Master



      I'm trying the new Errai 4 beta and I've been struggling for a while with random exceptions. The stack looks like this: https://gist.github.com/christianbauer/14af2c145d394e9b315252cf7ba4700d


      There isn't any more detail in TRACE logs. It happens almost every time when I rebuild with superdevmode. I've tried every possible combination of source code and gwt.xml configuration I can think of and even have the problem with empty source paths. Combinations of "noprecompile" and "noincremental" did not resolve the issue. This is a gradle-gwt-plugin build that was working for a few hours until I randomly started seeing this error after a hasty edit and I haven't been able to roll back to a stable state.


      Appreciate any help,