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    Wildfly 10 Eclipse plugin bugs when using maven based projects

    Csaba Sarkadi Newbie



      I have found a bug in the Eclipse plugin of Wildfly 10.


      My environment:

      Windows 10, 64bit, core i5, 16GBs of ram

      Version: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2) Build id: 20160218-0600

      Wildfly: 10.0.0.Final

      Eclipse plugin: latest from eclipse marketplace


      Description of the bug:

      Creating a plain maven pom with war packaging makes the following bugs, when using Wildfly 10 plugin:

      1. The project can't be added to wildfly 10 for deploy (simply it doesn't see the project)

      2. The war consists of 2 java classes and no more files:

           2.1 An App.class, that extends javax.ws.rs.core.Application (JAX-RS activator class) with a @ApplicationPath annotation

           2.2 A Jax-rs resource, with a simple @GET method returning "ok"

      When marking the project as deployable (right click on project), Wildfly can't deploy the app, with the exception:

      WFLYRS0006: Could not load JAX-RS Application class



      However, there is a workaround for this bug:

      Converting the project to eclipse faceted form, and making it a dinamic web app 3.1, with runtime wildfly 10.


      Anyway, this workaround shouldn't be necessary.


      Thanks for your later fix!