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    Swagger integration with CXF Jax-rs services for EAP 6.4.5

    Kesava Kota Newbie

      Hi, I have developed jax-rs services using Out of the Box cxf jars (2.7.17 ported with EAP 6.4.5 installation). Now I am trying to generate documentation of my services.

      I am trying for swagger integration. However I face issues while deployment. Seems like CXF 2.7.17 which comes with jboss EAP is not compatible with swagger 2.0.

      Is there a way to acheive it. Does 6.4.5 support higher versions of CXF specifically 3.x which integrates well with swagger 2.0


      If Jboss has any OOB implementation for generating documentation of services, please throw some light on it.


      BTW I am new using jboss.