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    Why the metric "max-active-sessions" is reporting -1?

    Ruben Vargas Newbie

      I did a deployment of an example hello.war file, but when I tried to read the metrics, EAP repots -1, indeed I believe that value provides from the configuration of the "max-active-sessions", but I understood that there are two different things, the metric is the "Maximum number of concurrent active sessions" and the configuration property is "Maximum number of sessions allowed" (but both have the same key "max-active-sessions")

      I'm using EAP7


      This is my output using CLI




         "outcome" => "success"

          "result" => -1




      this is my output for the resource description:


      "max-active-sessions" => {

           "type" => INT,

           "description" => "Max number of concurrent active sessions",

           "expressions-allowed" => false,

           "nillable" => false,

           "access-type" => "metric",

           "storage" => "runtime"


      Sounds like a bug, when the reporting value correspond to the value set in the configuration for maximum allowed, but I'm not really sure. I tested moving the configuration for "max-active.sessions" and the result is that metric reported exactly the value I put.