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    Using Camel Router Editor (from JBoss Tools Integration Stack) with Camel Spring Boot

    Pontus Ullgren Newbie

      We have started to try out building Spring Boot based application that uses the Camel framework.


      Since not all members of the team is familiar with the Camel framework we have been looking for a graphical editor and the support provided by JBoss Tools Integration Stack seems a good match at first glance.


      However since it (for obvious reasons) seems to be more geared towards use together with JBoss Fuse and for other types of projects there are some issues that makes it less user friendly than one might hope.


      The first issue is that there is no guide to create a route XML file (not a full Spring Context XML). However if we create the route XML file manually the editor still works fine.

      Are there any plans to add a guide for route XML files ?


      Another issue is that Maven integration adds dependencies to Camel components with the wrong version not the one defined in the pom.xml. Seems to select 2.15.2 as a default.

      I've found a bug report that seems connected to this but from the comments it seems that there is a way to set this in the project settings. But I fail to find this setting once I've imported the maven project created from the camel-archetype-spring-boot archetype.

      Is there such a setting on the project or is there anyway to get the tool to select the version that is defined in the pom.xml ?


      I guess what I'm asking is: Will JBoss Tools Integration Stack have support for Camel Spring Boot based applications in the future or is this not the droids, sorry tool, we are looking for ?


      Thanks for a great tool

      Pontus Ullgren