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    Evicting via the JBoss JMX console

    kevinstembridge Newbie

      Hi all,

      Is it possible to use the JBoss JMX console to evict individual objects from the Hibernate 2nd-level cache?

      I've managed to evict all instances of a single class but I can't find a syntax that will allow me to evict just one instance.

      So, for a class named com.mycompany.MyClass with a primary key of 12345, I get a node in the cache that looks like /com/mycompany/MyClass/com.mycompany.MyClass#12345.

      Via the JMX console I am able to evict all instances of this class by invoking the remove() method on the TreeCache MBean with the input value com/mycompany/MyClass. But when I provide the value /com/mycompany/MyClass/com.mycompany.MyClass#12345, nothing happens. I've tried various other syntaxes as well, such as escaping dots with backslashes, replacing dots with slashes and using double quotes. No luck though.

      Any help would be great.