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    IE11 compatibility mode issue with Jboss server

    Arvinder Chhabra Newbie

      I have a Java web application in which some scripts are stopped due latest IE11.


      I made the changes in code and set compatibility mode , Now its working in IE11 in local machine server. But when i deploy same ear file into QA server.


      Application UI has been changes automatically and Java script has been stopped.


      I am using Jboss 5 server.


      in my local machine protocol is http whereas same code i deployed into QA jboss server which in https protocol UI and script has been stopped.


      Please suggest me on this. why server behavior is not same.



      This is my local machine snapshot

      SHCPOM local.PNG


      This is snapshot which i deployed into QA server. UI is different where as i used same ear file.SHC POM QA.PNG