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    Spring Boot based RESTful service with Spring Java Configuration - help

    Craig McClendon Newbie

      Hello. I am new to JBoss Fuse and the stack of Karaf, Camel, Fabic8, CXF.


      I'd like to deploy a simple restful service to JBoss Fuse (6.2.1).


      I'd like to ideally use Spring Boot, since it makes development/testing easier on standalone dev boxes (can boostrap servlet container, etc).

      I'd additionally like to minimize as much as possible (or eliminate) any XML configuration beyond the Maven POM.

      So Spring Java Configuration instead of XML configuration.

      I'm open to using either Spring-MVC or Jax-RS/CXF for the service.


      Is this achievable and a "good" course to take?


      I cannot seem to find any workable examples that are similar. Can someone point me to an example or offer some tips to get going with this? I'm already familiar with Spring/Spring-MVC/Jax-RS in general. But between Karaf/Camel/Fabric8/OSGi, various deployment options, etc., I'm spinning in circles and having trouble getting started.