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    Is it possible to do WildFly log analysis similar to IIS Log analysis?

    Glenn Sørensen Newbie

      Coming from a "Microsoft world", I know there are several tools for log analysis of user access to a web site when using IIS - Straight out of the box. E.g. providing overview of OS, browsers, number of users, page response times etc.


      What are the possibilities when using WildFly? I haven't beeing able to find any out-of-the-box solutions - is it at all possible to do the same using WildFly or does it need custom implementation in the hosted web application?


      Examples of available tools for IIS logs includes:

      WebLog Expert - IIS log analyzer

      IIS Log Analyzer : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

      How to analyse IIS logs using LogParser / LogParser Studio | Blog de l'équipe support IIS/Azure France — French IIS/Azur…