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    Difference between different types of pool-related properties

    Benedict Rasmussen Newbie

      I have been working on performing an upgrade from Jboss 5.1 to Wildfly 10. I am close to finishing but am having some difficulties with tweaking my messaging subsystem values. My biggest problem is that I am having a difficult time finding the exact differences between a small army of pool-related properties that may be set. Would anyone be able to shed some light on the differences between the values below and perhaps discuss when one is used over another? For the record, we are currently using WF 10's built in Artemis 1.1, and have one global pooled connection factory.

      • Messaging - Server
        • thread-pool-max-size
        • <pooled-connection-factory> max-pool-size
        • <pooled-connection-factory> thread-pool-max-size
        • <connection-factory> thread-pool-max-size (vs the server's thread-pool-max-size>
      • JAVA_OPTS (set in standalone.conf)
        • -Dactivemq.artemis.client.global.thread.pool.max.size=XXX


      Please let me know if I need to clarify anything. Thank you!