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    Complex Data Object with SubProcess Invocation in jBPM 6.4.0

    Abhishek Mittal Novice

      Hello Experts,


      I am having a complex data object say exampleDO with 2 fields(id, name) in Process-A with values - '1', 'test'.


      I need to invoke another sync process-B for which I am using Re-usable subprocess i.e. B and did input 'in' of type 'exampleDO 'and output 'out' of type 'exampleDO' mapping .


      Problem I am facing is that data initiated in Process-A with exampleDO is set to NULL while invoking Process-B. In the sense, Process-B have dataobject of type 'exampleDO' with NULL values.


      Not sure, why the data object value is getting NULL.


      I am using jBPM 6.4.0.


      Please suggest ASAP.