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    RF 4.5.14 action always submits page, hence oncomplete not invoked

    Kamlesh Dalwadi Newbie

      I am migrating RF 3.3 to RF 4.5.14.


      I am using <a4j:commandButton> action to call a bean method, and oncomplete I want my Java Script method to be called.

      As I observed "action" always submits page and the page is always refreshed.

      Hence, I do not see my Java Script function getting called or not. I have tried putting alert().


      This behavior is observed on a4j:commandButton, a4j:commandLink, a4j:jsFunction and almost all tags where "action" or "actionListener" attribute are available.


      Is there a way in RF 4.5.14 to call an "action" without submitting whole page/form and without refreshing the page?