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    JBoss+Hibernate+JPA cache

    Derick Newbie

      Hi All,

      I need some advice.

      Overview: We have an application that reads about 5000 messages from MQ and saves it to a database. The messages make up a statement (from 1-1500 message) and need to be stored in an interim table called incomming. When all pages are received for that statement it is moved to completed. I process about 200 messages per iteration.

      My performance currently sucks. so

      1. By default, does jboss 4.2.2 enable second level cache for JPA, or do i need to configure it in the persistence.xml?
      2. Will second level cache help?
      3. will the batch-size property help and what size should it be on? (my theory is that it needs to be the same about as the insert i`m performing within my transaction. 200 messages +- 300 inserts.
      4. Any other ideas?