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    how to stop MDB on Exception after desired number of message re-delivery

    Sony Joseph Novice


      My configurations are below:


      JBoss EAP 6.3 - standalone-full.xml

      MDB (EJB 3.1)

      Queue : ActiveMQ 5.11


      I am trying to identify the best possible solution to be arrived on a particular business/technical case.

      Consider a case in which the MDB component need to update/insert the data received from Queue message into a Database table.

      Now that an exception occurred which indicates like a network problem/ target DB unavailable; so, I want to alert saying the Db is down/unavailble.

      Also, I want to try any further messages on to the target (which is unavailable now) only after the target system is back running and ready to process request.

      Could you suggest a way to stop processing further messages by the MDB once this Exception occur.


      thankyou all