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    Cannot Connect JVisualVM to Wildfly?

    Taylor Marks Newbie

      I'm trying to connect JVisualVM, running on my local machine, to a remote machine which is running a WildFly server (version 8.1.0, to be specific.)

      I didn't configure the WildFly server myself, and I don't know who did, but I do know that I can log in as an administrative user from my local machine by pointing my browser at:

      https://[ip address of the remote machine]:9443/console

      I also have a copy of WildFly installed on my local machine. Using it, I can connect the cli client to the remote WildFly instance like this:

      $ .\jboss-cli.bat
      $ connect --controller=[ip address of the remote machine]:9999


      It tells me about how the server certificate might be bad - I tell it to permanently accept it. I give the admin login credentials and I'm able to connect successfully.


      Despite the admin portal coming up fine in my browser, and the jboss-cli starting up fine, I can't get JVisualVM to connect. Here's what I tried:


      $ .\jvisualvm.exe -cp:a C:\[path to]\jboss-client.jar


      It launches fine. File > Add Remote Host: Then I entered the IP. OK. I right clicked on it under Remote in the tree and picked Add JMX Connection. I entered


      I checked off that I wanted to use the security credentials and entered the username and password. Checked off to save the security credentials. Left "Do not require SSL Connection" unchecked. Hit OK. It immediately spat out the message

      Cannot connect to admin@service:jmx:http-remoting-jmx://[ip]:9999 using service:jmx:http-remoting-jmx://[ip]:9999

      I also tried the port 9443, 9990, and 8080 instead. None of those worked. I tried https instead of http in the protocol name. That also didn't work.

      What am I missing? How is it that I can access the console, and connect with jboss-client.bat, but I can't use JVisualVM? Is there some log I can use somewhere to see what's wrong? Maybe someone can point out a configuration I've missed somewhere?

      Not sure if it's important or not, but my local machine is running Windows 10 with JDK8 installed. The WildFly server is using Java 8 on CentOS 6.3.