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    HornetQ Server Deployment Timing Issue

    jfisherdev Apprentice

      I am currently migrating some applications from JBoss AS 4.2.2 to WildFly 9.0.2. These applications will be deployed to a standalone WildFly server.


      In the standalone.xml, I have configured a HornetQ server and defined the JMS destinations. I have also added org.hornetq as a global module [is this the right module if I want to do this or should it be org.jboss.as.messaging?], as a majority of the applications will need messaging capabilities.


      This seems to be working for the most part; however, there is one case that seems to sometimes have issues.


      Some of the applications I am deploying have start up MBean services that access JMS destinations. Sometimes this works, but other times it does not because of a NamingException, as the JNDI bindings for the managed JMS objects [connection factories and destinations] are not defined. Looking at the server log, it appears the deployment of managed JMS objects is happening after the deployment of an application that depends on the destination.


      Is there a way to reliably ensure that the HornetQ server being started and managed JMS object deployment occur before application deployment?


      Any information about this would be very much appreciated.


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