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    The  drools DSL editor is not working properly in eclipse.

    cheirmarajan arumugasamy Newbie

      i just use the DSL editor on my eclipse to create an DSL file. each time i add an DSL condition and save it in my DSL file.once It is done i close that file and open again where the editor is not showing the updateed DSL file.Hence i got the Parser errors on my DSLR file.But i open and see that DSL file in TextEditor which is showing the updated file.I can see some errors on my eclipse Log. Please find the below erroe log. could any one can help to resolve this issue .



      !ENTRY org.drools.eclipse 4 120 2016-05-04 18:45:03.916

      !MESSAGE Internal error in Drools Plugin:

      !STACK 0

      java.lang.RuntimeException: Error parsing and loading DSL file.[[8,93]: DSL parser error, [8,104]: DSL parser error]

        at org.drools.compiler.lang.dsl.DefaultExpanderResolver.<init>(DefaultExpanderResolver.java:63)

        at org.drools.compiler.compiler.DrlParser.getDefaultResolver(DrlParser.java:297)

        at org.drools.compiler.compiler.DrlParser.parse(DrlParser.java:128)

        at org.drools.eclipse.DroolsEclipsePlugin.generateParsedResource(DroolsEclipsePlugin.java:633)

        at org.drools.eclipse.DroolsEclipsePlugin.generateParsedResource(DroolsEclipsePlugin.java:584)

        at org.drools.eclipse.DroolsEclipsePlugin.parseResource(DroolsEclipsePlugin.java:489)

        at org.drools.eclipse.view.rules.RulesView.updateResource(RulesView.java:132)

        at org.drools.eclipse.view.rules.RulesView.access$1(RulesView.java:119)