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    weld 3.0.0 with glassfish4 classifier?

    Mert Caliskan Newbie

      In central repo for Weld 3.0.0.Alpha16, I'm not seeing a glassfish4 classified release version for Weld (Index of /maven2/org/jboss/weld/weld-osgi-bundle/3.0.0.Alpha16). What's the reason behind it? I'd like to upgrade the Weld version to 3.0 in Glassfish/Payara.

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          Martin Kouba Master


          weld-osgi-bundle with classifier glassfish4 is a modified bundle to ensure compatibility of Weld 2.2.5+ with GlassFish 4 (see also WELD-1712 and WELD-1899). And as such it's only built (not tested) for the stable 2.3 branch of Weld. Weld 3 is currently an experimental branch reflecting the development of CDI 2.0 (see also Weld: Documentation). Weld 3 API/SPI is not stable yet - integrators should not provide any stable solutions based on it. Therefore, we only provide an experimental patch for WildFly 10. Of course, anyone is allowed to experiment with Weld 3 - but it's up to the integrator to provide an experimental patch (Payara in your case).