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    Jboss persistence architecture pluggable?

    Mike Ahlers Newbie


      Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes:

      I was wondering if Jboss allows a different implementation of the DatabaseManager? Why? I want to explore and possibly implement a different way of dealing with transactions using a native XML-database using Jboss. So, instead of a datasource poiting towards a SQL database, I want the setup to be a datasource for an XML database and use the J2EE database transactions transparently. Perhaps this is possible already, but then I'd like to know what actions or configuration I need todo in order to achieve this. If no such thing exists I could implement it myself, but then again, I do not cover the scope of impact at this point. At the moment I tell myself it would be an implementation of a set of interfaces, but is that all or is there more?

      The basic reason is that I want to make use of the JBoss application server, so my application would be scalable and robust, instead of an architecture where I deal with database transactions from web-tier. I want to delegate this towards the transaction manager already in place inside Jboss.

      Feedback on this topic is highly appreciated, thanks in advance,
      Mike Ahlers