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    Regarding:Need to use redelivery-delay-multiplier property in EAP6.4.Hello sir, i am using JBOSSEAP 6.4 for jms .In this built in Hornetq 2.3.25 are using for message subsytem.In my project i need use  redelivery-delay-multipliter how can we use pls

    piyush kumar Newbie

      Hello sir,

      I am using jboss EAP 6.4 for my application and for jms using builtin Hornetq 2.3.25. But in this i can't use redelivery-delay-multiplier property .My requirement is once message failed , it has to retry-the message with dynamically increase redeliver delay duration.I got from Hornetq2.4.0 has redelivery-delay-multiplier property which have same use.So by default in EAP6.4 hornetq 2.3.25 builtin so if i am not able to use redelivery-delay-multiplier .I have tried to add redelivery-delay-multiplier in xsd file but still it's not supporting.


      Please suggest how can we achieve my requirement