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    Address-full-policy in cluster nodes set to BLOCK but not blocking.

    Mike Brown Newbie

      Using HornetQ 2.4.5.FINAL within Wildfly 8.2.0 Final, I have a three-node symmetric cluster.  There is a producer sending messages to node 1 but node 1 has no queues.  For load balancing, nodes 2 and 3 have the address, queues, and consumers.  (I shut down the consumers to test address full behavior.)


      When the address-full-policy is set to PAGE for the address in question, paging works as expected in nodes 2 and 3.  But when it is set to BLOCK, nodes 2 and 3 do not block nor do they page.  They just keep accepting messages!


      This is what I am really after.  Can the producer attached to node 1 be blocked or notified when the address memory is full in either of nodes 2 or 3?  Ideally without paging or messages being dropped.


      Thank you.