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    Highlights Dates in Rich:Calendar

    Asim Shaikh Novice

      I have following code which works fine. I want highlight the dates by changing colors where records are present.

      color gets change on clicking but I want to display it before clicking.  styleclass working for me fine . I want to achieve this when rich calendar loads in browser. it automatically display colors .  kindly help????

      <rich:calendar mode="ajax"   styleClass="#{eventMaster.eventMasterList!=null and eventMaster.eventMasterList.size()>0?'postive-records':'no-records'}" locale="EN" id="searchDateCalendarcommon" popup="false" showApplyButton="false" datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy"  value="#{eventMaster.eventSearchDate}" >

                                                  <rich:tooltip followMouse="false"





                                                      <h:outputText value="#{eventMaster.calendarTooltipText}" style="color: red;font-size: 12px;"/>






                                                  <f:ajax event="change" listener="#{commonOutputContentBean.showEvents()}" render="cmnoplayoutfrm searchDateCalendarcommon" />