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    Issues installing brmsworkshop on Openshift

    Simon Taylor Newbie

      I am a new user on Openshift and trying to follow the steps to get the bmrsworkshop up and running.

      Created an Openshift account ok.

      Clicked the "Click to install into Openshift".

      Does not respond when i try to open the app url.

      Connecting to the back end of the app tells me it is trying to serve the directory.


      "[Wed May 11 04:03:47 2016] [error] [client] Attempt to serve directory: /var/lib/openshift/5732e5037




      There is nothing in this directory.


      I also tried installing this from the rhc command line as


      > **rhc app create brmsworkshop2 -t ruby-1.9 --from-code git://github.com/eschabell/openshift-brms-workshop.git**


      Any ideas - i believe it should have deployed ok but hasnt perhaps an incompatibility between Openshift 2 and 3?


      Thanks i advance