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    HikariCP pool is starting really slow

    Horia Chiorean Master

      this is a cross post of a question which was posted as an article by x-out:


      Hey guys,


      our Modeshape server is starting really slow when he starts the HikariCP Pool.

      Here is the snippet from our log file:


      2016-05-11 08:05:30.243  INFO 14854 --- [WrapperSimpleAppMain] org.modeshape.jcr.JcrRepository          : ModeShape version

      2016-05-11 08:05:30.529  INFO 14854 --- [modeshape-start-repo-1-thread-1] com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource       : HikariCP pool HikariPool-0 is starting.

      2016-05-11 09:02:14.583  INFO 14854 --- [WrapperSimpleAppMain] d.d.x.m.auth.SpringSecurityProvider      : [x] Successfully authenticated.

      While it is starting, the server just uses 10% from one CPU.


      In our database (postgresql v. 9.3) we have "just" ~600000 nodes.


      The question is:

      Do we need to configure something that the HikariCP thing is using the whole resources which are available.

      Or can we do other performance-tuning to boost the start times?


      Hopefully you can help us.